Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

The duties of the metropolitan mayor are stated in Articles 17-18 of Law No. 5216, which came into force after being published in the Official Gazette on 22 July 2004. is included in the article.

The metropolitan mayor is the head of the metropolitan municipal administration and the representative of its legal entity. The metropolitan mayor is directly elected by the voters within the borders of the metropolitan municipality, in accordance with the principles and procedures specified in the relevant law.

The deputy mayor of the metropolitan municipality is determined according to the procedures in the Municipality Law. However, district and first level mayors within the scope of metropolitan municipalities cannot become deputy metropolitan mayors.

Mayors of metropolitan and district and first level municipalities within the scope of metropolitan municipalities cannot serve in the management and control bodies of political parties during the continuation of their duties; He cannot serve as president or manage professional sports clubs.

The duties and powers of the metropolitan mayor are as follows:

As the highest chief of the municipal organization, to direct and manage the municipal organization and to protect the rights and interests of the town and the municipality.
To manage the municipality in accordance with the strategic plan, to create the corporate strategies of the municipal administration, to prepare and implement the budget in accordance with these strategies, to determine, monitor and evaluate the performance criteria of municipal activities and personnel, and to submit relevant reports to the council.
To preside over the metropolitan municipal council and council and to implement the decisions of these bodies.
To take the necessary measures for the effective and efficient implementation of the duties and services assigned to the metropolitan municipality by this Law.
To ensure the effective and efficient management of the metropolitan municipality and its affiliates and businesses, to prepare the budget drafts, proposals for changes on the budget and budget final accounts of the metropolitan municipality and its affiliates and businesses.
To monitor the rights and interests of the metropolitan municipality and to ensure the collection of its receivables and revenues.
To conclude contracts on behalf of the metropolitan municipality, to accept unrequited donations and to make necessary dispositions, provided that the competent bodies take the decision.
To represent the metropolitan municipality in the courts as plaintiff or defendant and in official authorities, and to have it represented by municipality and affiliated organization lawyers or private lawyers.
To appoint municipal personnel and to supervise the municipality and its affiliated organizations.
To marry in person when necessary.
To fulfill the services and exercise the powers related to the duties of the metropolitan municipality, among the duties and powers given to mayors by other laws.
To delegate one or more of the duties and powers to the district or first level mayor when necessary.
To use the funds allocated for the poor and needy in the budget and to establish disabled centers to support activities related to the disabled.