Psychological Consultation CenterSome Techniques

Some Techniques That Are Applied In Our Center:  

Psychological consulting and assisting programs are used in our center.
Game therapy: This method gives good results in treating the behavior problems, facing the violence, natural disasters, traumatic problems such as accidents, and recognizing the responds to these events, especially from the standpoint of the children. EMDR: It is a method that Turkey learned it during the earthquake of 1999, the name of the method is EMDR, and it was discovered in America in 1987. The aim of this method is to move and stimulate the information that has remained in brain lobs in locked form and restart them. This method is expensive and only a few therapists know the method.
Solution focused therapy: This method studies the powers that in rare conditions the interviewers do not represent their problems. This method aims the real solution and without considering the past, searches for other alternatives in future. If the problem is complex, and then the solution would be complex too. The response intended therapy is easy to trace from the standpoint of the speaker, however it is a positive but baseless postmodern approach.
Informative behavioral therapy: This therapy method is based on scientific researches and gives positive results in short period. In this method the therapy focuses on the problem to solve it “now and here”. What is the problem that bothers the person and what are its symptoms? The approach focuses on how the symptom could control the work?

The patient and the therapist work together. The participation of the patient is as important as the therapist.
Informative-behavioral therapy and the couple communication could be applied in double methods.

Positive psychotherapy: This method is a short term, humanistic, dynamic and cultural therapy approach. According to it, human owns a special talent from birth. Positive psychotherapy believes that all human own two basic capacity: “loving and knowing”, starting from this point of view they have developed different techniques. They pay more attention to patients’ “balance” in order to improve their daily life. Stories are used during the therapy.
Positive psychotherapy: it offers a five stage-helping model