Disabled ServicesEducation and Technology Center for Blinds

Our center prepares necessary bed for disables to use and learn how to use the technology as the inseparable part of our life.

Blind disable members have achieved knowledge, freedom, self-confidence and functionality by participating in the classes. 

Our center that aims to enter the disables into the heart of the era, trace all the technological issues related to the blind to develop the scope of their education. 

Technical Equipments

Computers with LCD monitor
100.0 Mbps internet connection through ADSL modem
Braille displayers
Braille printer
Braille printing house
Voiced library
Program for reading the screen
Turkish synthesizers

How to be a member?

The orthopedic and disables with seeing problems could refer to our center 7 days a week from 9 to 18 without any charge, through Rehabilitation and Disables Service department. After being a member the membership form is filled out and the identity card could issued.

The services of our center

Technological facilities are offered in our center in a very wide range. Any type of document such as homework, researches and any document from internet could be printed in Braille alphabet and recorded in CDs in the form of voice or voiceless. All the notes and educational materials are prepared by scanning. Every week for students that are sent from schools in groups there are computer educational programs. For computer learners in all levels there are courses in weekends and during the week. If the members are out of Ankara and they want to do something with the center, the requested files would be sent to them through their emails. For those members that reside out of Ankara, the Braille printing and voiced mp3 services would be offered. All the information, which is received from internet concerning the culture, health, technology, information, sport, etc is printed in Braille and would be sent to schools.

Moreover, all the publications of Ankara municipality would be prepared in Braille alphabet daily and could be used by the members. When the member waits in the hall, they could read them or take them if they want. For those students that are preparing themselves for exams, the tests would be printed or recorded in CDs.

 The managers of the schools and the teachers that have continuous contact with our center use our facilities regularly. As the result of cooperation with teachers, all the documents and materials are prepared according to their needs. Along with educational programs, the normal life of the members would be facilitated and the necessary information would be transferred to them. Following information is prepared and given to them; the prospectus of any device, recipes, train departures, the menus of the most used restaurants, important telephones etc.

 Our center plans cultural and sportive activities and some matches are executed either. (Chess tournaments, goal-ball tournaments, swimming, etc). Associations, sport clubs, district municipalities, rehabilitation centers, disables’ schools and our cooperation with national education ministry continue.

We give voiced watches and white sticks to our members.

Contact Information

Address    : Beşevler Metro İstasyonu İçi Bahçelievler / ANKARA
Phone  :  (0312) 222 94 01 
Fax     : (0312) 222 94 02