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Blue Desk Solution Center

Blue Desk which brought a new era in solution center and service procurement in Ankara was established in 2003 in order to serve better to Ankara citizens as per our contemporary approach of municipal works and to enhance the communication between us, has been renewed in 2009 and passed to a new system as per the opinions, ideas, complaints and recommendations regarding our works and increased its connection points.

What is the Blue Desk?

It is a service unit which our citizens can access 7/24 to deliver their problems, opinions and demands.
Aiming guidance to Ankara citizens in all possible aspects, is a coordination center which transfer and follow the delivered problems, opinions and demands to the relevant units. Blue Desk, as being one of the E-Municipality requirements, provides access to and be informed by Metropolitan Municipality independent of time and place via telephone, post, facsimile, internet and face to face meeting. It is a great step for re-construction of e-municipality with its expert personnel and 7/24 service approach.

Why Blue Desk?

The developments in information technologies has brought a new generation understanding to municipal services just like in all the other aspects of life. In this context Ankara Metropolitan Municipality established Blue Desk with the state of art technology and accompanying expert personnel to respond the changes in service demand.
Blue Desk has responded to approximately 300,000 calls in last year and 172,762 of them have been registered as applications.

Face to Face Communication

You can submit your wish and complaints directly to our solution expert by visiting “Alo Büyükşehir 153 Blue Desk” desk in Sıhhiye.
Our expert personnel have regular in-service trainings and update their information by participating to the briefs, seminaries and meetings regarding the recent developments.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with the aim of delivering the in-house communication to the highest level, achieved this target as per the end of Augustus 2010 and has started to communicate with entire personnel working in the municipality via SMS automation.

In parallel with the increase in internet usage the number of calls has been observed to be in decline and as the communication via mobile phones is replacing the stationary phones the SMS automation service has been brought for the citizens.

Access to Blue Desk via Social Media Platforms

In social media channels (twitter,, facebook etc.) the topics related to our Municipality are followed by our authorized personnel and the information in the nature of an application is transferred to our Blue Desk system.

Blue Desk, which provides a communication mean between Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is the ‘Solution Center of Ankara’ with its 60 expert personnel.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek, can effectively check all the applications and solutions coming to Blue Desk from all over the world in any time via internet.

Public Surveys

Public surveys are made in order to measure the awareness of Ankara citizens about the services provided by the municipality and also to ask for their opinions regarding the projects planned to be implemented for the city.

The surveys are presented for citizens’ vote in touch-screen kiosks in three different location within the city, in web site of the municipality and in Mobile Survey trailer which is applied for the first time in Turkey.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality which gives importance to communication with Ankara citizens and therefore follows up every development in this aspect has found a space in alternative media. The municipality shares information with a total of 12.850 followers which are comprised of 6.410 follower from and 6.624 follower from 6.410, page.