Contact Information
Address Emniyet Mahallesi Hipodrom Cad. 
No:5 Kat:11 
Yenimahalle / ANKARA
Phone  : (0312) 507 24 24

   Women clubs has been opened to achieve the following aims; filling the free times of the house wives, working and student women, forming social communication between the working women and house wives, developing their culture, increasing the urban spaces for women, preparing ground for women’s sport, informing them about their problems, solving their problems and helping them in this regard, educating new behaviors, planning and holding panels and seminars, bringing women out of homes to society and entering them to this life. 

The services in women clubs

  • Social and cultural activities
  • Educational assistance
  • Health services
  • Sport services
  • Psychosocial services
  • Leading and consulting services

 Necessary documents to refer to center

  • Membership form
  • 2 photograph
  • A copy of the ID card  
  • Health report (for sport activities from general physician)
  • Annual membership fee