Contact Information
Adress : Sağlık Mahallesi A.
Adnan Saygun Cad. No:12 
Sıhhiye / ANKARA
Phone   : (0312)  435 48 63
Fax : (0312)  433 89 54


This services is offered through one center for those people that do not have enough income and the appointments are given by internet.

The applicants after the first interview and gathering the necessary information would be led to a specialist through an appointment. The interviews take 45 minutes and it changes according to number of consultant.

Working team: It includes specialist psychologist, psychology consultant, sociology services specialist, education specialist, children growth expert.

Some Tests That Are Applied in Our Centers: 

  • Ankara Growth Inventory
  • Frostig Growth Visual Understanding test 
  • Denver II Growth test 
  • Matures’ dependence style form 
  • Wisc-R 
  • CAT, Louisa Duss Psychoanalytic Story test 
  • Beirer Sentence completing test 
  • Children depression inventory
  • Conner’s family evaluation form 
  • Catell 2A intelligence test (Catell Culture Free Intelligence test) 
  • Job Tendency Inventory 
  • Hyperactivity measures 
  • Children’s Feeling Evaluation measures 
  • Mental compatibility measures 
  • Group leadership program 
  • 4-18 years old children and youth’s behavior evaluation measure 
  • Job tendency program 
  • Hyperactivity measure 
  • Beirer Sentence Completion 
  • TATe 
  • Learning disorders’ symptoms scanning test 
  • SCL-90R 
  • Becj Depression Inventory 
  • Beck’s anxiety measure 
  • Maudsley Obsessive Compulsive Question list