Contact Information
Address :  İrfan Baştuğ Cad. No:142 06140 
Altınpark / ANKARA 
Phone  :  (0312) 317 99 19

Aim: To practice the science that students have learned in elementary schools, high schools, and technical schools that are related to Ankara and its regional centers and the ministry of education, to motivate them in the center that was established in 23 April 1993 and has 48 pieces of experiments. 

Students both do some scientific experiments and spend their time with pleasure and increase their information, they do different tests such as making crystal flowers from liquid nitrogen, rounding gyroscope, making lights using plasma globe, using reflexive instruments, playing with their shadows on phosphoric wall and doing some experiments with Van der Graaf Generator to make their hair standing. The member children could test the daily subjects that they face in Feza Gürsey scientific center.