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16 May 2013, Thursday

ANKARA-Ethiophia role model ...
Mekuria Haile-Ethiopia Urban Development Minister and his delegation visited the Mayor Gökçek Guest minister told that they chose Ankara as a model for urbanization "Urban transformations are amazing to us. What a beautiful parks in a very short time”
Mayor Gökçek :
etyopya_330_14052013.jpg"We are ready to help about Park, solid waste, urban and social issues for municipal”
Mekuria Haile Ethiopia, accompanied by the Minister of Urban Development and Reconstruction of state and municipal delegation consisting of senior managers, visited the Metropolitan Mayor Melih Gökçek.
"In Ethiopia urbanization they chose Ankara as a model" explains Haile guest minister and his accompanying delegation in Ankara, the Mayor expressed his pleasure to host them. "Park, solid waste, municipal issues, such as urban and social projects are ready to help in every way," he said.
Cine-watched show, and personally led a particularly fascinated by Dikmen Valley project sites as indicating that the guest Minister expressed his gratitude for the hospitality shown at Haile, "Technical teams would benefit from creating own experience. Urban transformations amazing for us. How beautiful parks in a very short period of time. Your studies make clear lead in many areas, "he said.

- "Technical Support And Ready To Guest Ethiopian brothers and sisters"
There are 164 projects implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality about social and cultural fields Mayor Melih Gökçek if they deem appropriate in all areas Ethiopia any number of projects in the municipal technical staff team visiting the capital Ankara and learning could provide guests said they could.
- We do not consider municipal as road, water and sewage
Just the way you have not considered municipal as road, water, sewage, the Mayor stressed that they have a lot of importance in social and cultural activities, drawing attention to the need to prevent crime in a city before desired peace, said:
"The poor, the children can not get at whether a ball, musical instrument, providing access to a computer. Crime can prevent theft. Exist at every stage of human life. Pregnant ladies not convey the hospital on his birthday. Arrange child care for mothers courses. With Children Parliament, kindergartens,, youth centers, elementary school, high school and colleges epochs provide services to young people. Elderly Centers, Family Life Centers and lives with them we are the future of our citizens. Let God get along, died instantly in the Metropolitan to meet every need. "
Minister of Urban Development and Reconstruction of the President of Ethiopia Haile: Mayor Melih Gökçek not only the work of the mayor, the capital city also very impressed with the activities of improving the quality of life of the people, he said.
After the visit, Mayor Melih Gökçek and guest Minister Haile gifts to each other, while the delegation commemorative photos were taken.