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History Of the Fire Brigade

itfaiye_yeni_uc.jpgTurkish fire brigade which was established in 1714 with the name of Tulumbacilar as a subsidiary organization to the janissary association has been transferred to the Municipalities in 25th September 1923 after being developed with various steps. The establishment date of our fire brigade is not known precisely. The first document is the letter of appreciation dated 19th June 1338 (1922) which was presented by Ankara Municipality to Osman Zeki (Abaan). 

The first fire brigade organization in Ankara was established at the beginning of 1338 (1922) with the name of “Independent Fire Brigade Group” in the War of Independence as a military organization and with the chairmanship of Mr. Osman Zeki at the “FIRE BRIGADE SQUARE” which has caused to be named with the current name.


eski_itfaiyeweb.jpgAnkara Fire Brigade Organization has been civilized by transferring its vehicles, tools and some personnel to the Municipality with the municipal administration dated 16th February 1924 after the Republic.

The Directorate of Fire Brigade of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has been converted to ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT and 11 Nos. department managements were restructured as 4 groups and battalion.


It is mounted at the 18.23.4x2 Mercedes branded cars and the import pump with the capacity of 3000lt/min. located over it is both low and high pressurized and has K.K.T system (Dry Chemical Dust) 250 kg capacity, 5000 lt water, 500 lt foam capacity and has rubber hose at both sides with the electrical pulley system which is 50 m long. It is the fire extinguisher with monitor at a spraying distance with 50 mt over the vehicle.

Step Ladder

It has 39 mt operation heights and mounted at 4x2 cars, an imported rescue and high water processing vehicle at which stretcher and water processing monitor can be connected to its basket which has the capacity of lifting with 75 degree, turning with 90 degree and opening with 39 mt and which can be operated both from its basket and sub control panel and has water transportation pipe system with the length of step ladder with stable basket having full automatic balance system.

Rescue Operations

It is mounted at 4X4 double cabin vehicle and has the hydraulic cutting and separating units which are used in rescuing and removing the wrecked people at the traffic accidents, and has air lifting pillows, 5 KWA generator, 6 mt long illuminating projectors for the telescopic work at the place of the incident, the stretchers used in carrying the injured people, back and neck tools for saving the injured people for not injuring them more, table and step ladder, K.K.T. unit (Dry Chemical Dust) with 100 g capacity and 25 mt hose for intervening the fire, towing crane with 3600 kg towing capacity for the vehicles.

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