Address : Gazi Üniversitesi Teknik Eğitim
Fakültesi B Blok
Phone : (0312) 202 34 71-78
(0312) 507 24 39
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Technical Training Courses Of the Municipality (BELTEK)

The objective of the Technical Training Course Project of the Municipality is to equip the city-dwellers with knowledge and skills, to ensure urban integration, to educate human power suitable for urban and professional standards required by small and medium scaled enterprises and to plan and implement activities at various types and levels. BELTEK Technical Training Courses are given in 3-month periods and due to the intensive demand, Courses on Computer Operation, Computer Hardware, Care and Maintenance and Web Page Design are realized as 2-month accelerated courses.

Branches of (BELTEK) Computer-Electronics Department



• Electricity
• Printing
• Construction
• Furniture-Decoration
• Metal-Casting Model
• Machinery
• General Occupational Training


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