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City GuideWhen it comes to Ankara

Ankara Cat

Ankara Goat

Ankara Rabbit

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Ankara Cat is among the most liked pedigree cat races. Despite for many generations the word “Ankara” was used for qualifying the longhaired cat, the only pedigree Ankara is the Turkish Ankara. Ankara Cat is a natural and pure cat race raised in Turkey.

The mohair spread around the world from Turkey as a product of Ankara Goat. Therefore, Mohair Goat is known as Ankara Goat (Angora Goat) in world literature. Ankara Goat was taken to Anatolia from east of Caspian Sea by Turks in the 13th Century. Ankara Rabbit is being raised in a few farms and their population is only about one thousand. Ankara Rabbit breeds 4 and 14 babies at once. Their fur which reaches 40 cm in a year is being trimmed when it is twothree months old. Each rabbit produces average 1 kg fur. The fur is light and keeps the heat well. Angora wool produced by the Ankara Rabbit, keeps the heat eight times more than the sheep wool and it is nonallergic.