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Ulus Republic Monument

Victory Monument 

Security Monument




The monument which takes place in Ulus square was erected in 1927 as a gift of the Turkish nation to the brave soldiers of National Defence. On the upper part of the monument, the remark “ Armies, your first aim is Mediterranean, Go forward!; Dumlup›nar,1922” is embossed.

It is in Kızılay on Atatürk Bulvarı. Atarük’s statue made from bronze which shows him standing, leaned on his sword and in uniform. It was made by Italian sculpture Pietro Cannonica in 1927. It is in the Güven Park in Kızılay. It was made from Ankara Stone in 1935. There is the sculpture of powerful, young men facing Kızılay, taking a stick in his hand which represents confidence. Atatürk’s remarks “Turk! Take pride, work and trust” is written bronze. The face of the monument which looks at Bakanlıklar, there are Atarük’s friends in Independence War and revolution movement.

Mimar Sinan’s (Great Architect Sinan) Monument

Mithat Pafla Monument

Korea Monument


It is in the garden of Faculty of Language, History and Geograhy. It was made by sculpturer Hüseyin Anka in 1956. The weight of the sculpture is 7 tons and its height is 4.30 m, including its base. It is in Ulus near General Directorate of Agriculture Bank of Republic of Turkey. It was made to Sculptor Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Anka by the Agriculture Bank of Republic of Turkey in 1966. There are three ears of corn and barrel on the left side, there is a scale on the right and there is remark “Mithat Pafla1822-1884” at the basis. Located in Capital City Ankara, in order to eternalize the glorious and unforgettable victories of Turkish soldiers who fought for the human liberty. Also known as Korean Garden. Carried out by the contributions of Greater Ankara Municipality and donated by the South Korean Republic on 29 October 1973 to the Turkish Nation on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic.