Disabled ServicesService and Rehabilitation Center for Disables

Our aim is to offer services to those who live in neighbor regions, recognizing them and improving their social, health, educational and financial condition, leading them to solve their problems and satisfying their needs. 

A - Guiding and consulting services 

The individuals who refer to us by phone or individually, would receive the necessary information. The social service specialists would give the necessary information. The social service specialist would direct the individual to service giving unit and s/he follow the case. By tracing the case, the specialist would supervise the stages and if there were any dissatisfaction, s/he would take the necessary measures. The psychological, social and financial problems of the member would be discovered and the necessary solutions would be offered. 

B - Psychological help services 

Our psychologist would visit the member and his/her family regularly at their homes. Our psychologist would help the member considering the psychological, loneliness, stress and basic life problems, problems in compatibility with life, communication problems, family problems, sleeping problems etc. 

C - Social helps services 

  • Automatic wheelchair
  • Wheelchair
  • White stick
  • Disposable under-pad

Necessary documents to receive the automatic and normal wheelchair :

  • A copy of the report
  • Certificate of poverty
  • 1 Photograph
  • A copy of the identity card

The reports must bear the seal of “it corresponds the original”, and the following sentence must appear on the report “normal or automatic wheelchair is needed”.

D - Health services

The doctors and nurses that work in our center would visit the patients in their houses and would do the health controls. Moreover, the heard individuals would be sent to hospitals if necessary, for the patient and his family necessary consultation would be offered. The individuals that do not have social insurance would have health control once a year in the hospital of the municipality.

E - Education help services Education assistance

  • Preparing backpacks and stationary
  • Helping courses
  • Beltek courses
  • Supplying food, uniform and physical education and transportation for our MEDIA disables
  • Supplying materials for sport clubs

F - Social and cultural services

In order to improve the standpoint of the society towards disables and vice versa, our municipality’s social services unit, plans picnics, journeys, special day ceremonies, entertainment, concerts, lectures, conferences and etc by the cooperation of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and schools. All the expenses of transportation, food and tours would be borne by our municipality and every year some members would have a camping in Altinok camp.

G - Transportation services

In addition to free and discount cards, we would offer vehicles with lift for transportation of orthopedic patients. The members that want to use these services, if have an appointment, at the promised time would be taken by vehicle to hospital and after completion of therapy; they would be brought back to their houses.

H - Financial assistance services

- Food help
- Fuel help (coal)
- Cloths help (boots, coat)
- Grommet showcase

I - Caring and cleaning services

Our teams would go to the houses of our members to clean their houses periodically. Those who live in detached houses would have garden cleaning by our teams.

If the members request, their cloths, curtains and bedclothes would be ironed too. The members that do not have any family or unable to do, every week at least three types of food would be cooked for them, but the ingredients would be borne by them and the dishes would be washed either. Those who have serious physical problems and live alone would have physical cleaning periodically.

J - Repairing the house

Repairing the electric and water lines, carpentering, painting etc services would be offered either. The parts that could not be repaired in house and must be taken out, would be done by our center if the payments were borne by the member. 

K - Emergency services

In emergencies (flowage, fire, gas explosion, natural gas leakage, problem in ceiling, etc) the members would receive the necessary helps.

According to the request of the members or their relatives, our members could be taken to the nearest health center by ambulance to have received treatment.

If the member passes away; our center would help with judicial issues, morgue and washing the corpus, and using the special vehicle the corpus would be taken to cemetery for burying.

The lonely members’ special religious obligations would be done after their death.

The condition of using the services by disable members

The disables that reside in Ankara or neighbor regions, could apply to our center personally or by one of their relatives or even telephone. Our social service specialists would go to the houses of those persons that have problem with coming to center and would determine the type of the assistance that center could offer. The member would be led to the related unit. The statements of the individual or his/her relative to the center are the base of helps. The members that do not have any income and lack insurance or their income is less than the minimum income, would be use all the services without any charge.

Contact Information

Address   : Sincan Harikalar Diyarı Parkı İçi
Fatih Sincan / ANKARA
Phone   :  (0312) 273 38 37 
(0312) 273 66 56   
Fax       : (0312) 273 71 11