Contact Information
Ansera Youth Center
Address Portakal Çiçeği Vadisi Ansera
İş Merkezi Çankaya/ANKARA
Phone   : (0312) 441 28 73 - 441 28 74
Fax : (0312) 441 28 74


Altındağ Youth Center
Address Altındağ Cad. No: 31 Dışkapı
Phone   : (0312) 317 59 28
Fax : (0312) 347 44 25


Bala Youth Center
Address Şentepe Mah. Atatürk Bulvarı
Phone   : (0312) 876 10 20


Gençlik Youth Center
Address Ulus Metro İstasyonu Yanı
Phone   : (0312) 311 58 51-53
Fax : (0312) 311 58 51


Dikmen  Youth Center
Address Dikmen Yeşil Vadi Sok.
İkiz Kuleler arası
Phone   : (0312) 481 96 63 
    (0312) 481 96 63


Mamak  Youth Center

Asım Gündüz Cad. No:1-2 Abidinpaşa

Phone   : (0312) 365 15 36
 Fax   (0312) 365 15 39


Batıkent Youth Center
Address Batıkent İlkyerleşim Mah. 368. Sok. No:20
Phone  : (0312) 386 24 41-42
Fax : (0312) 386 24 42


Kalecik Youth Center
Address Şenyurt Mah. İstasyon Cad. D Blok
Phone   : (0312) 857 21 95


Elmadağ Youth Center
Address Kemalpaşa Mah. Hükümet Cad. No:1
Phone   : (0312) 863 40 34
    (0312) 863 40 99

The center has been opened to protect the physical and mental health of the youth, help their socio-cultural development, lead them in their education and discover their talents. 

The needs of the youth for enforcing their school courses, helping their mental and physical growth, their needs for culture, art and sport centers is the point of focus for us and we aim to solve the problems of the youth and prepare the ground for their communication. İt is not only the services for physical appearance and infrastructure of the city, but the activities of different people from every cultural and social background are very important for us.

In our youth centers, we offer many services such as computer, diction courses, reading halls and music courses. In these centers that thousands of members use, our youth could fill its free time, could entertain in game rooms and use sportive activities for both men and women, educational courses are another part of the programs.

Our centers that are open 7 days a week for 15-24 years old youth are the places for bringing the youth together to spend their time.

Unhealthy individuals form the unhealthy society. In order to have more reading, more thinking and more productive society, cleaner environment and society and peaceful capital, our centers offer services to youth. 

Our Programs :

Our hard-working youth, at the same time need games, sport and entertainment.

We offer these services to our youth in our centers without any charge!..

• Social activities
• Cultural activities
• Educational activities
• Sportive activities
• Psycho-social activities
• Health services

İn order to protect your health; step/ aerobic, gymnastic and condition salons
The bests of the salon games; billiard, ping-pong, air hockey, table football, chess, abalone


  • Reading, research, library
  • Meeting with friends, talking to friends in cafeteria
  • Health center that can give information and have necessary interference
  • Having education, lecture, seminar and panels in comfortable halls
  • Finding answers to the question by expert consultants
  • Having shower and sauna facilities during the sportive activities
  • Sincan Gençlik center which is located inside the Magic Land, is another modern swimming pool
  • Summer camps, especial days ceremonies, conferences, tours, matches, tournaments and other sportive events are among the activities of our center.
Youth Centers
  • Ansera Youth Center
  • Altındağ  Youth Center
  • Bala Youth Center
  • Batıkent Youth Center
  • Dikmen Youth Center
  • Elmadağ Youth Center
  • Gençlik Youth Center
  • Kalecik Youth Center
  • Mamak Youth Center