Disabled ServicesDisabled Centers

Rehabilitation service center for disables, offers the following services for those who live inside the municipality boundaries of Ankara; preparing the ground for comfortable transportation of the disables, having the necessary applications, giving solutions to the health and social problems of the disables, rehabilitating the disables and bringing them back to the society, executing projects in this regard. 

The Services That Are Offered in the Center

  • Social services 
  • Psychological consulting services 
  • Health services 
  • Social and cultural programs 
  • Emergency services 
  • Caring and cleaning services 
  • Any type of indoor repairing 
  • Financial help services
  • Disables’ discount card 
  • Free-use card for disables 
  • Leadership, friendship and consulting services

The condition for disabled people to use the services  

  • Disability report from health departments or disables’ identity card 
  • 1 formal photograph 
  • A copy of the identity card 
  • Paying the fee of EGO card