Children ServicesChildren Summer Camps

This camp which is organized by Ankara municipality every year, last year after the holidays started to give services to people of Ankara. During one year, Ankara municipality, did not leave the students and took them to camp as reward. 

The Best Address for Holiday; Altınoluk Akçay Camp:

During the camping, there are some other visits to martyrs’ tombs in Çanakkale– Gelibolu, Akçay, Edremit, Ayvalık and Asos (Behramkale). The visitors are taken to Akçay by buses; after getting on the buses all the expenses would be borne by Ankara municipality. In the camp, every evening there are different programs all details of the visitors’ time are planned. During days, guests could swim, have tours, or do some sportive activities and in the evenings they could have some great time around the fire, animation performances in the amphitheater is another choice. Staying in the camp and the meals all are free for visitors.