Children ServicesChildren Clubs


The aim of the children clubs is to offer basic services to poor children in poor regions of the city and reducing the class differences. Moreover, in order to prevent the children from being involved in dangerous attempts, directing them to useful activities, helping the social cultural developments and preventing the children from being hunted by gangster groups and using alcohol and cigarettes, etc. is the other aim of these clubs. 

The increasing needs of our children to educational, physical and mental, cultural and sportive activities have causes the municipalities to prepare programs for filling the free times of the children. 

In order to fill the free time of children that form a greater part of our population, children clubs offer the necessary programs for their growth and progress. The clubs that are used by thousands of children, they are able to fill their free time in game halls, do sportive activities, and use educational courses and programs. 

In order to integrate education with love, and to have reading and working children and generation, our children clubs offer services to children of Ankara. 


Our children clubs are free and offer the following services

  • Social and cultural activities
  •  Educational programs
  •  Health services
  •  Sport services
  •  Psychosocial services
  • Consulting services
  •  The most popular indoor sports: Billiards, Ping-pong, air hockey, table football, chess, abalone
  •  Library for research and reading
  •  Health room for giving health and urgency services if necessary
  •  Halls for holding educational panels, seminars and lectures
  •  Specialist personnel who could offer solution for your problems and consult you
  •  Summer camps, special days ceremonies, conference, theater, concert, tours, picnic, match, all social and cultural ceremonies and club cooperation .