A Center for Working Children

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Address Sıhhiye Çok Katlı Otoparkı 1. Kat
Sıhhiye / ANKARA
Phone : (0312) 433 84 18

Ankara municipality and International Work Group has started a program since 4 December 1992 under the name of ILO-IPE  to terminate the children’s work in Ankara and in 1993 a center was established in Ankara by the name of Ankara’s working children center. The protocol ended in 1994, however in 1995 it restarted and continues until now. Since 1997, ILO cut its helps, but the center continued its work by the help of Ankara municipality. Moreover, in order to help the activities of the center, paper-collecting program continues until now. 


The center’s aims are as follows, solving the problems of the working children, directing the children to schools, helping those children that have problem in their educations, solving their  school problems. In order to solve the problems of those children who have not started school or have financial problems in school, helping their education and preventing their misuse in working environments, the center has taken measures. 

The services that are offered in the center
The main aims of the center focus on children. If necessary, there are some activities for families.

• Social and cultural activities
• Educational activities
• Sport services
• Feeding services
• Psycho-social services

Social and cultural activities are important since they help children to be more social and find their place in the society. In order to help our children in this regard, our center offers library, mental games, folklore dances, chess, handcraft arts rooms and etc. 

Programs :


Those working children that have registered in the center, continuously are tested by the personnel, any kind of problem, is solved using the facilities of the municipality. After passing the health tests, the child’s family is tested periodically. If children do not have any health insurance, municipality would pay their drugs and operation expenses. 

In order to prepare balanced feeding for those children who do not have suitable one, there is a great dining hall in the center. Everyday children can eat warm meal. 


A computer libratory is prepared for children since today it is an inseparable part of our life, there are continuous courses to educate the children in this regard. 


In the library of the center, there are special study times for children. They are educated to read books. Along with doing their homework, they can also use the books of the library. 


By doing the activities in our research center, the talent so f many children have been discovered. Therefore, children are educated in the center under the supervision of a football coach. The children of the center participate in tournaments, which are held in Ankara. The champion teams and children are awarded by the center. Clubs follow talented children in football closely, there are enough psychological and technical help for their participation in domestic and foreign professional football leagues. 


Our ancestral sport wrestling is also educated in our center. Since the physical and mental progress of children is important, according to their talents, some are educated in wrestling and they are helped to participate in tournaments in Ankara and other cities. The wrestlers, who are brought in our center, have won international and domestic tournaments. 


The children that work in our center are directed to sportive fields according to their activities. The children that have taekwondo or judo certificates from our center are helped to participate in tournament in Ankara and whole Turkey. There are some champions of judo among our children as both Ankara and Turkey champion. We have a member who has won the seventh place in the world. This type of individual sports, affect the spirit and body of the children positively, it helps them to enforce their self-confidence. Our center’s judo team at the same time prepares some athletes to represent Turkey in international arenas. 

Chess -Abolone

In order to increase the mental ability of the children and to develop their mind, we have chess and abalone courses in our center. It helps them to use their time effectively. 

Ping-Pong,Table Football,Billiard

The working children that come to our center use the ping-pong and table football facilities that are prepared for them in the center.

Billiard, which today is accepted as one of the indoor entertaining sports, is one of the sports that many children are interested. In addition to billiard, ping-pong, and table football is another sports that helps children to spend their time better. Having this type of entertainments, children make new friendships. 


There are theater courses in our center to in addition to stabilizing the character of the children we attempt to increase their interest in art. The pieces that are written and performed by children are observed and the best ones are performed for public. 

Folklore Dances

Folk dance courses help the physical and psychological progress of children and discover their talents. The groups, which include the children performs the local dances of Artvin, Muğla, Ankara and Gaziantep in different ceremonies. 

Turkish Folk Music, Bağlama, Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer

Music, which is an international language of the people, is one of the most important courses in our center. The educations, which are given according to the ages of the children, prepare a ground for them to live with music and lead them to discover their own spirits in better world. In addition to helping the financial side of their life, our center attempts to improve their mental life either.

We made the hopes of the children true for playing one instrument in our center. 

Painting, Handcrafts

The works of our child painters is exhibited in our center and different parts of Ankara in most art galleries. 

Touring and Picnic

In order to introduce our world, culture and geography closely to children, the tours and picnics helps them to give rest to their minds. The tours that are planned to different parts of Turkey, helps children to share their experiences, feeling and understand each other. 

Entertainment Programs

The entertainment programs that are planned in our center open the doors of other world to our children. The programs that involve many elements from our culture represent the children with the values of culture and since many children participate in these programs, they are more influential. The programs that teach with entertaining and makes them to think when laughing, gives good pieces of life to them. 

Birthday Parties

One of the activities that are important especially for children who do not have family and is carried out regularly in our center is birthday parties. Through these ceremonies, we teach them how to give value, respect and learn life experiences with their friends. 


In order to share the hardness of life, increase the experience and children’s information of life, we plan matches, which are among the most interesting programs in our center. The matches, which are planned in many fields, helps children to spend useful and interesting hours. 

Other Programs
Air Hockey
Consulting Services
Outdoor Concerts
Theatre Performances
Having camp at Akçay & Kesikköprü
Tournaments(Football,Folk Dances,Chess,PingPong etc.)
Education Seminars (Drugs,Snatching etc.)
Lets learn our city (Anıtkabir,Anadolu Medeniyetleri Museum etc.)