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13 May 2013, Monday

cankayadatemzlk.jpgWith the support of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, organized by the United Nations Volunteers "Let's Do It Turkey" campaign metropolitan volunteers made the event of garbage collection in the village of Çankaya district Mühye. A group of 500 people attended the event despite the rain filled garbage bags, ITC the firm which retransforming Mamak Garbage collected garbage for recycling.
In 96 countries worldwide, in more than 20 provinces in Turkey, the "Let's Do It Turkey" campaign, for the first time in Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with the support of the United Nations Volunteers Group and carried out by non-governmental organizations. Despite the rainy weather 500 metropolitan volunteer, garbage collection, participated in the event held in the village of Ankara Mühye district.
Metropolitan Municipality EGO buses from the city center, 4 kilometers away from the meeting to address Mühye from the village square, Metropolitan Volunteers, gloves, hats, and wearing raincoats, started cleaning with large trash bags. The bottoms of roadside trees, all kinds of flowers, deep beneath the harmful volunteers collect garbage with great dedication, meticulous cleaning up the village square, they did.


Litter collected by volunteers, then Investment, Trading and Consulting company ITC Mamak Garbage Dump trucks moved to be recycled by the company.
"Let's Do It" campaign started in Estonia in 2008, voicing the authorities aim to create awareness around the world that drew attention to the event with great interest. The campaign is organized for the first time in Ankara, representing the authorities, "This activity can benefit the community as a volunteer, and the individuals of every individual to come together once again proved that they can become a big difference" he said.