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28 June 2013, Friday

Brief Information about the GDCO:
view_of_dikmen.jpgThe World Design Cities Summit held in Seoul in February 2010, delegations from 32 cities of 18 countries reached a consensus about the ongoing necessity of mutual cooperation for global progress in urban design and they decided to establish Global Design Cities Organization. The aim of the Organization is not only to share information and draw upon of each member city’s experiences in regard to creating and a more livable urban environment but also to discuss and come up with the solutions of common urban problems confronted by acceleration of urbanization.
As Greater Ankara Municipality, we have attended all meetings organized by GDCS and found the opportunity to share our prominent projects which have caused to change the face of our capital city, Ankara during this period. In July 2011, Ankara selected as the GDCO Presidency Holder by the reason of our Urban Regeneration Projects, Ulus Historical City Center Project and achievements on international organization capacity of our municipality.
The Executive Committee Meeting and General Assembly of the GDCO will be held between the dates of 26-30 August 2013, in Ankara.
The main concerns of the Executive Committee Meeting are determined as to bolster the internal structure of GDCO and overview the admission of the new cities to the GDCO membership. Whereas, The General Assembly will focus on the themes “Urban Regeneration Methods” and “Neglected Spaces After Urban Regeneration Processes” which will give cities a unique opportunity to share the experiences as well as defining new approaches by specifying the ways how to make our cities smart and sustainable.
The three-day General Assembly is going to consist of keynote-sessions, meetings and presentations. Also an exhibition will be held alongside the General Assembly which will give cities the chance to showcase their achievements in regard to urban design.