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13 June 2013, Thursday

Fomget folk dances group dancers shone on the premiere night and attracted great attention at Turkish day parade at Madison Boulevard, the final stop of the activities.  

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality supported the traditionalized activities organized for support of friendship between two countries with the participation of large team constituted of council members, bureaucrats and fomget folk dances group.


newyork_330_19052013.jpgAnkara made a great impression at traditional “Turkish Day Parade” annually organized in New York, finance center of the United States of America.

Turkish Day Parade and Festival, organized by Turkish-AMerican Associations Federation (TADF) in New York, USA was celebrated with participation of ten thousands of Turkish people in great enthusiasm. Turkish Day Parade and Festival hosted many colorful scenes, and the parade street was covered in red and white colors by Turkish flags.  

Team of Metropolitan Municipality Council members and bureaucrats as well as culture group FOMGET participated in Turkish Day Parade organized for the 32nd time this year and lasted for 3 days. Capital city Ankara once more proven its privilege with its support and dances of FOMGET Folk Dances Group.

Flag Raising Ceremony was held at Wall Street on the first day of the event, continued with Premiere Night bringing all participants together on the second day, and finalized by the parade on Madison Boulevard with the participation of citizens coming from several locations in the country as well as Turkey.


Turkish Parade united with joy of 19 May, Atatürk Memorial, Youth and Sports Holiday hosted many colorful scenes. Americans and foreign tourists as well as Turkish people living in the United States showed great interest to the Parade performed with the contribution of Associations, fans, bands, Turkish countries and Turkish people living in Balkans.

Metropolitan Municipality and the team representing Capital Province Ankara was among the honor guests of the parade started on Madison Boulevard, one of the busiest and most famous streets of Manhattan.  European Union Minister and Chief Negotiatior Egemen Bağış, AK Party, Cumhuriyet Halk Party and Milliyetçi Hareket Party Parliamentarians as well as Northern Cyprus Prime Minister İrsen Küçük, Azerbaijan parliamentarians, Turkish American Associations attended to the Parade at the very front of the line. Metropolitan FOMGET Folk Dances Group brought a different color to the Parade with their traditional outfits.

Festival started on the corner of 56th Street and Madison Boulevard in Manhattan, and ended at Dag Hammarskjold Park. TADF Associations and teams from Turkey was present at 1 km long Parade, and dance and music bands from American associations also supported the event. 


Turkish people coming from other provinces of the USA populated New York Streets, and thousands of citizens watching the parade in their red and white outfits, waving flags, applauding and cheering the parade. USA also showed great interest to the parade, and the busiest street of Manhattan was close for traffic for a long time.


FOMGET also participated in the parade as well as the band, dance groups, association representatives and other participants. FOMGET dancers handed out Turkish flags to citizens watching the parade. New York streets were painted in red and white with the flags. Dancers received great applaud with their participation in parade, dressed in traditional outfits with Anatolian motives, and handed out many “İstanbul 2020 Candidate City” printed t-shirts to attendants to host 2020 Olympics in Istanbul.