Europe Prize

Flag of Honor

Livcom Awards

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The highest of the four awards, created in 1955 to recognise outstanding efforts in promoting European unity. The prize is presented by the President of the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly at a “European Day” organised by the municipality, attended also by the Sub-Committee on the Europe Prize.

An association of Europe Prize winners (the “Association of Towns awarded the Europe Prize”) was set up in 1984. It brings together all winning municipalities and meets at least once a year.

The presidency city of this Association has been carried out by Greter Ankara Municipality since 2011.

Mr. Melih GÖKÇEK elected President for the first time in 2011 during the General Assembly of the Association in Ankara. He also re-elected for this post in 2013 in Wuzburg-Germany for two years of term.

A flag which is been decorated with golden silk both in center and margins, is the most popular award and receiving it along with Europe award is one of the most important stages. Every year around twenty or twenty five flag of dignity is given and since 1961 about 1000 flag is given. A member of the Parliament Assembly offers the flag to the winner municipality. 

The award was presented by Fransciszek Adamcyk, Chairman of the Committee to Mr. Melih GÖKÇEK, Mayor of Ankara, on 26-28 July 2001 during the ceremony held in Ankara.

The LivCom Awards were launched in 1997 and is the World’s only Awards Competition focusing on International Best Practice regarding the management of the local environment. The objective of LivCom is to develop and share International Best Practice, with the further objective of improving the quality of life of individual citizens through the creation of ‘liveable communities’. Since 2007 UNEP has collaborated with the LivCom Awards. 

Greater Ankara Municipality has won four awards at the competition during the 2012 Finals held in Al-Ain-UAE. 

Project Awards

-Community Centres and Public Areas (Gold)

-Built (Silver)

Criteria Awards

-Community Participation and Empowerment

-Healthy Lifestyle


Excellence of Mediterranean Award

Europe Awards

 Plaque of Honor

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The Parliamentary Assembly of Mediterranean  that is comprise of 26 countries awarded H.E. Melih GÖKÇEK, Mayor of Ankara, for his efforts and initiative in promoting integration and cooperation in the Mediterranean with the 2010 PAM Prize.

Europe Diplomacy is the first award for awards winners. Every year, 30 diplomas are given. The mayors of those cities, which have won the awards, would receive their awards during Parliament Assembly in June.

Under the plaque the map of developed Europe and the name of the winner municipality appear. All the plaque is mounted over the main plate. The plaque is given in a ceremony that is held by the presence of all the local people. 

Ankara has been awarded the Pleque of Honor for the succesful projects carried out in the city and for the close cooperation and friendship relations in the international arena in 2003.

Europe Award

OICC (Islamic Capitals and Cities Organization) Awards

Best University City Award

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Europe Metropolitan Municipality for the first time had applied for Europe awards in 2000. In the first step and in spite of the European Policy, Ankara municipality was the first one to apply, and it was appreciated by Europe Council’s Environment and Farming committee for receiving Europe flag of dignity in 2001.

During the ceremony, there were many meetings and conferences. In flag giving ceremony, the flag was given by Fransciszek Adamcyk, the head of the committee to Ankara mayor Melih GÖKÇEK. A concert was held in the biggest square of the Ankara by the participation of European Union members and citizens. more

Islamic Capitals and Cities Organization (OICC)  grants  periodic awards every three years in recognition of outstanding achievements in the domains of projects in the fields of architecture, urban planning, environment, services, organization and municipal legislation.

Greater Ankara Municipality has been awarded with their succesful projects and implementations.


2001 / OICC 9th General Assembly
First Place in Award for Environmental Planning
"Dikmen Valley and Harikalar Diyarı (Wonderland)"

2010 / OICC 12th General Assembly
1.First place in Urban and Regional Planning
"Urban Regeneration Project of North Ankara"
2. First place in Landscaping Award
"Göksu Park"
3. Second Place in Environment Protection and
Sustainable Development
"Mogan Park"


Ankara has been chosen as "Best University City" based on the result of the one year research carried out by Swiss International Exhibition Fair in 2006.

The Award was presented to Ankara with the ceremony held in Lugano in Switzerland on 28 October 2006.