Fire BrigadeMeasures to be taken prior to fire


1- Do not let the children to play with inflammable matters such as matches, lighter, etc.

2- Do not let the children to stay alone at home and do not lock the door on them.

3- Do not leave open fire materials (candle, gas lamp, and charcoal burner), illuminating materials and heaters at the places where the domestic animals exist.

4- Keep a fire extinguisher which complies with TSE in order to be used as fire extinguisher at the initial fires at home, work places and vehicles.

5- Form civil defence teams at work places and provide them to be trained.

6- Learn the notice number of the fire brigade (Call 110).

7- Use the notice number of the fire brigade for the real notices and do not engage unnecessarily.

8- Notify the place of the incident as clear and correct, and do not forget to notify the nearest location to the place of the incident (school, mosque, bus station, governmental authority, etc.)

9- Notify the kind and the floor number of the incident, and whether there is alive inside or not.

10- Be imperturbable and DO NOT PANIC!

11- Do not obstruct the works of the fire brigade at the place of the incident.


12- Do not park your car as blocking the traffic.

13- Do not park your car as blocking the usage of the fire hydrants.

14- Do not use flash heater without flue.
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15- Make the cleaning of the flues by the competent people and do not clean by burning by yourself.

16- Keep the heaters away from the inflammable matters such as curtain, armchairs, etc.

17- Control the gaseous home appliances frequently against leakages.

18- Stop the gas flow and ventilate the place by opening the doors and the windows when you feel gas leakage.

19- Do not act as causing sparking. Do not play with the electric light switches and plugs.


20- Keep the empty and full standby LPG tubes at cool places separately.

21- Do not make the control of the leakage with matches, lighter while changing the LPG tubes.

22- Do not use the tubes as canted and do not cover on them.


23- Keep the inflammable liquids inside the closed receptacles (not made of glass), and away from inflammable matters and sun light and at places where the children can not reach.

24- Do not throw the burning cigarette stub and matchsticks carelessly and control the ashtrays before emptying.

25- Do no smoke cigarette at bed.

26- Keep the attics, basements, elevator shafts, illuminating and ventilation shafts, etc. clean.

27- Make the control of your electricity installation and use automatic fuse, if possible.

28- Do not keep the plugs of your electrical home appliances as plugged as long as they are not used.

29- Keep away from using multiple (group) plug as far as possible.

30- Pay attention against fire and poisoning while using stove.