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Gençlik Parkı (Youth Park)

Göksu Park

Harikalar Diyarı (Wonderland)

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Located between the Station and Opera buildings. One of the favorite recreational spots for Ankara citizens with its amusement park, tea gardens,
clubs, theatres, large pool, restaurants and several entertainment places.
The renovated park is commissioned in 2009 more glorious and more extensive in comparison with the previous situation.

One of the main recreational spots in Ankara which was completed in only 100 days. The utilization area is 508.000 square meters. 141.000 square meters of this area is occupied by the pond.Within the pond, Mississippi Ship and boats, an island and reeds constituting the natural beauty of the island and 9 floating piers are available. The total green area is 250.200 square meters where 98.700 trees and bushes were planted. Mountain Bobsleigh activity is also available within the park. Within the Wonderland with approximately 771.000 square meters green area, 330.000 square meters roads and squares, 40.000 square meters car parking lots, 67.000 square meters building area and 92.000 square meters aquatic areas, a Fairy Tale Island located on 25.000 square meters is provided for the children. The biggest park in Turkey, Wonderland is also one of the biggest parks in Europe with total 1.300.000 square meters area rendering service to the capital city and around.

50. Yıl Parkı (50Th Anniversary Park)

Dikmen Vadisi (Dikmen Valley)

 Gökçek Park

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Located in 50th Anniversary Quarter subordinated to Çankaya district. The 50th Anniversary Park in Cebeci which was known as “Çamlık”, established for the 50th anniversary of the Republic but remained inactive, was redesigned by Greater Ankara Municipality and turned into a huge place where the capital city citizens can enjoy their time with their families. Located on the foothills of Cebeci Ertu¤rul Gazi Quarter, the 50th Anniversary Park, is distinguished thanks to its location where one see every point of the Capital City. Put into service after the environmental designing and restoration by Greater Ankara Municipality, the 50th Anniversary Park occupies 130.000 square meters area. Dikmen Valley 1st and 2nd Stages are located on 378.000 square meters area. 31.000 square meters is occupied by the pond. The valley includes 2 small and 1 big waterfall. 87.500 square meters set ground. Over 260.000 square meters green area there are 120.000 leaved and needleleaved trees. Occupies 53.746m2 area with 18.532m2 grass, 658 pieces of tree species, 12.672 pieces of bush species, 2.761 pieces of clutching and groundcovering species,433m2 flower area. On 4.997m2 area, waterfall and fountain pool located. 27 units of indoor sitting group, 11 pieces of arbour and 142 pieces of sitting benches available. Also houses 5 tennis tables, spider play ground and kids play ground on 1039m2 area and a football pitch. Within the historical Ankara Houses, tea gardens and restaurants are also at service.

Mogan Park


Blue Lake (Bayındır Dam)

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25 kilometers far away from Ankara on the Konya motorway, Mogan Lake houses beaches and clubs and also restaurants and cafes. In hot summer it helps relieving the longing for sea to some extent. The lake with a pool on the shore, is also available for the row boat trips. Mogan Park by the lake is a picnic area where Ankara citizens can enjoy.

On İrfan Bafltuğ Street, located on 640.000 square meters area. The park area also harbors a Fair Center where international fairs are organized. Feza Gürsoy Science Center is an ideal place where young visitors can entertain and meet the science world through experiments.

12 kilometers far away from Ankara, located on Samsun motorway. The park occupying 2.400 square meters area with huge trees is named after the
6 million cubic meter blue water in Bay›nd›r Dam. Bay›nd›r Dam is
commissioned as a recreational spot in 2005 under the name of Blue Lake where Ankara citizens can make picnic and can amuse.